Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

Black Mirror: Men Against Fire ★★★½

this would be the second black mirror i enjoyed that everyone else seemed to hate. i think it's one of the most unique pieces of social commentary they've had so far, bringing war and eugenics into the black mirror universe, and for me at least it was done very well. i loved the twist and the way it was slowly revealed, allowing the audience to understand what's going on one step ahead of stripe; for me this increased the tension in what was otherwise, admittedly, an unevenly paced episode.

edit: i just read this part of the handmaid’s tale and it’s so relevant i had to share:

I’ll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before. You do that first, in your head, and then you make it real. So that’s how they do it, I thought. I seemed never to have known that before.