The Watermelon Woman ★★★★

well. this was great. I loved how playful & funny the filmmaking was (the mix of "third person" shots of cheryl, tamara, etc. with first person footage from cheryl's camera, for example), and I loved cheryl's journey into fictional cinema history. "sometimes you have to create your own history."

strange (or not so strange) and sad that this frank, sometimes sexy, and often self-deprecating depiction of lesbian lives from a lesbian perspective feels so, I don't know, fresh and even shocking today, over 20 years later... you see something like this, something so full of (as cheryl puts it) hope and promise, and you see her looking directly into the camera, into your eyes, as she states "I am a black lesbian filmmaker who's just beginning, but I'm gonna say a lot more, and I have a lot more work to do." maybe I should be celebrating the fact that THE WATERMELON WOMAN exists, and I do, but that line made me sad—because why don't dozens of other like it?

anyway, it's wonderful, as I'm sure you all already know.