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  • Bones and All
  • Nope
  • Cyrano
  • Scream
  • Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.
  • A Bronx Tale
  • Moonlight
  • My Own Private Idaho
  • Carol
  • My Brothers and I

Top Films of All Time

13 films

Only the first 2 are in their correctly ranked spot. After that, the ranking gets a little iffy.

  • Holidate
  • Midnight at the Magnolia

Holiday!Zoë 2k20

2 films

Aka zoë watches Holiday movies and rates them based off of the unofficial official Hallmark rating system. 

white people black…

  • Iron Man 3

MCU Ranking

1 film

Too lazy to actually do this but this is the only ranking that actually matters.

  • Little Women
  • The King
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • Lady Bird
  • Miss Stevens

Timothée Chalamet Marry Me Challenge

8 films

A definitive order of which of Timothée Chalamet’s characters I would marry. (Read the comments)

EDIT: 7/19/20 I DO NOT…

  • Dear Lemon Lima
  • Raise Your Voice

Not Suitable for Kids

2 films

Movies that are advertised for kids/young adults but no kid should ever watch them because they will be traumatized.


  • 1917
  • Marriage Story
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Parasite
  • The Irishman

Best Picture Nominees Ranked

9 films

i said i’m a film connoisseur

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
  • Beauty & the Briefcase
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Maid in Manhattan

Undercover Office Romance

4 films

rom coms where one half of the soon to be couple lies about their profession to get a job at…

  • Marriage Story
  • Uncut Gems
  • The Farewell
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

2019 Ranked

16 films

  • Marriage Story
  • The Squid and the Whale
  • Frances Ha
  • Mistress America
  • Margot at the Wedding

Noah Baumbach Retrospective

7 films

Marriage Story is my #1 movie of 2019, but I’ve never seen any other Baumbach movies. So alas, here I…

  • The Standoff
  • Masterminds
  • Scents and Sensibility
  • One Small Hitch
  • When We First Met

Sometimes Trash is Good

5 films

Films that are kind of horrible but are also kind of a fun watch. Great to watch when you’re bored.…

  • The 5th Wave
  • Before We Go
  • Miss Stevens
  • Love the Coopers
  • Crossover

I can’t believe I sat through this

7 films

Movies I watched because of a certain actor that ended up being really bad (check the notes)