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  • Crimes of the Future
  • Colossal Youth
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Intestinal Fortitude

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  • Regular Show: The Movie

    Regular Show: The Movie

    the entirety of my childhood is simply beyond a number rating.

  • Sundown



    Franco's sensibilities are so incredibly masturbatory that it should sound almost impossible to be as clueless as he is at the same time. Everything about this film is so blatant. I guess the fact that there are even things here to be obvious about is a step up from New Order, but simply having a point doesn't mean you have earned your egoism and in that re-guard it doesn't really have a point anyway, just tries to. Our main character…

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  • Too Young to Be a Dad

    Too Young to Be a Dad


    Too Young to Be a Dad is an immaculate work of cinematic design. Starring Paul Dano in his first and best performance, this film serves as an intricate warning of teh dangers of getting your rocks off. This film echoes the brilliant use of color found in the best works of Wong Kar-wai. It contains the subtlety of Bergman with the style of Fellini. It's brilliant blocking echoes the works of Murnau and Lang, but it's post-modern critique of modern…

  • Cosmopolis



    Not enough anti capitalist cinema facilitates enough room within the film to explore the mindsets and psyche capitalism breeds due to narrative obligations usually brought on ironically enough by marketing and the pursuit of money/capital. So Cronenberg says to hell with narrative here and it for some reason makes it ever more captivating. Intentionally as clinical as can be creating an aesthetic undercurrent that is being shot up from hell directly onto your screen in front you. It's terrifying as…