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This review may contain spoilers.

I think when Welles is bringing a sort of playfulness to the storytelling in this doc, it really soars. It's wild that the biographer of the subject of this doc, infamous forger Elmyr de Hory, would be caught in his own forgery scandal during production. Wilder still that that forgery would be tied to the subject of Welles' first feature.

And OW just runs with it, happily indicting everyone w their own behavior at a party, gleefully going off on a twenty minute tangent about his own lies at the beginning of his career, performing a bunch of heavy-handed metaphor magic tricks, and taking every opportunity to give us that Arrogant SOB smirk. This is intentionally not a linear storytelling. It's tangential and funny and self-serious. The big Kodar reveal, also, was a good bit of cheeky fun. F FOR FAKE would have you believe the truth can never really be clean, that it's full of contradictions and mis-remembered anecdotes. I tend to agree.

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