Mystery Train

Mystery Train ★★★★

First two parts were delightful. I love these small movies that aren't afraid to be a little bizarre or just rest totally on the idiosyncrasies of good performers instead of a fully developed story.

Came a little unraveled in the third though. It just didn't tie together as easily. It charted a middle course no one was really asking for. I would have loved this movie staying small and just having the third part be a misunderstanding that quietly folded into the vibes of the other two. And I would have loved it going way over the top and making the reactions of the other boarders much more funny retroactively.

But the actual result feels like it's just its own drunken night gone wrong movie.

Not enough to tank the score much though. Youki Kudoh and Masatoshi Nagase have such a cool energy and this whole project paints Memphis with such a loving touch that it's hard not to fall in love w so much of what's going on here.