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Favorite films

  • Himiko
  • On the Silver Globe
  • Stalker
  • Begotten

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  • New Rose Hotel

  • The Killer

  • Rimini

  • The Faculty

Recent reviews

  • The Killer

    The Killer

    it was fine

  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel

    hypnagogic in the sense that it’s a movie you’d put on while falling asleep and never actually finish. like i don’t think they anticipated anyone making it to the end.

    it has the rambling, convoluted and incomplete symbolic logic of a fever dream… which i love 

    feels like it was conceived and/or made entirely on a coke binge

    also it totally oversold the cyber gibson aspect

    but they really got me on a willem dafoe/asia argento erotic thriller so i’m…

Popular reviews

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    representation matters!!!!

    my mans does NOT miss!!!!


    (and wow the howard shore score was my kind of nostalgic reunion)


  • Oppenheimer


    this must be how elon musk feels after buying twitter