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  • Parasite




    Just as amazing of a film on a second time watch as on my first time watch!
    Parasite rightfully deserves its nominations & awards thanks to beautiful cinematography and visuals, an immersive, engaging story, excellent writing and direction, wonderful performances, a powerful social commentary on classic issues (aka Poor vs Rich), tight pacing, etc.
    If you still haven’t seen Parasite, I very highly recommend this film! 👍🏾

    Watched on 4K Blu-ray.

  • The Northman

    The Northman



    Up there with The Batman as one of 2022's best films.
    Robert Eggers has truly outdone it himself here with excellent acting, story, visuals, direction, music score, cinematography, etc. I seriously can't find anything wrong with The Northman, everything here is spot on, it’s got the strong story & character development from Valhalla Rising and Gladiator while also the stylish action & gore from 300 and Centurion.
    This film comes very highly recommended! 👍🏾

    Saw it at the theaters.

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  • Borrego




    Clearly a wannabe Those Who Wish Me Dead and a little bit of a wannabe Sicario, but definitely nowhere near as good as those aforementioned films.
    While Borrego wasn’t necessarily terrible or anything, it also didn’t really do much for me neither. You can tell there’s some effort put into this movie from the acting, premise, and cinematography standpoints, and the music score wasn’t that bad neither. However the pacing and editing are very tedious & draggy, overall writing and…

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night



    Good, but not great movie IMO.
    I personally liked Trey Edward Schults' next movie Waves (2019) much more than this. 
    Recommended as a one time watch.

    Watched on Showtime.

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  • Firestarter



    A shockingly bland, boring, dull, generic, and snooze fest of a film. While the 1984 film wasn’t amazing neither, at least it was moderately entertaining for what it was unlike this one here.
    Paper thin character development, a story that goes nowhere, confusing awkward direction, lousy screenplay, wooden dialogue, bland visuals & cinematography that makes the film look more like a Lifetime or Hallmark Channel film, and terrible CGI fire effects. 
    As for the redeeming qualities, it does have a…

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    Wow, what a dumpster fire mess this shit really was. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series just keeps getting worse & worse eh?
    I mean I myself is not a huge fan of the series, with exceptions of Part 2 (1986), the 2003 remake and its prequel The Beginning. The 1974 film I don't think it aged all that well, and the rest range from meh to downright awful, and now this new TCM movie as well is pretty awful.