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  • Anna



    Not a complicated story and it got its moments.

    The story is quite superfiscial and repeatable and that makes it a bit boring.

  • Plan 9 from Outer Space

    Plan 9 from Outer Space


    It was actually more watchable than I expected.

    Was this Bela Lugusis last movie (ofcourse I can google it to check), the reason I think about that now was the covering face part that I read about them doing in a movie because the main actor passed away during production.

    I guess you have to take this movie as it is. Also I watch it now, a movie that have been called to be the worst movie in history I…

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  • Villa Empain

    Villa Empain


    They promo this as a house with a hounted history, what they show is a house with great arcitectual details through a video layer that is supposed to create the feel of it being old.

    I miss the story of the house in a narrative, I miss the historical narrative and the context that can be given even from a architectual perspective.

    For someone that knew nothing about the house leave this short knowing very little.

    Just surface, that is architectual pleasing but thats it.

  • Pleasure



    Pleasure is the title and thats such a opposite to true what these people experience in this movie.

    We get to follow a young Swedish girl when she comes to USA and try to become a big pornstar.

    This is a very complex that mix the daily life with violent sex scenes in a backstabbing porn industry.

    She try to climb her fame on that place to go deeper and deeper into that bad rabbit hole. The deeper she goes…