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  • Friday Foster

    Friday Foster


    "This is serious, Friday!"

    A near perfect hybrid of plucky mystery-adventure and blaxploitation goods. Perhaps in a nod to its source material, it's plotted like a comic strip, with a story that seems to crystallize from raw materials in real time. I'm probably plagiarizing my earlier Letterboxd review but I really wish Pam Grier and Yaphet Kotto had gone on to become the black Nick and Nora.

  • Slow Burn

    Slow Burn

    Pam Grier is so good in this, unfortunately it has the approximate tone and visual texture of a CBS procedural from around the same time, albeit with some dirty words, sex, violence, and most appealingly of all a nice anti-corporate/patriarchal edge, like it's being transmitted from some parallel timeline where tough cops who don't play by the rules stand up for women and the victims of corporate greed. It's not very good though, even though Rutger Hauer is in it…

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  • Creed



    The truest scene in this movie is when Adonis is sitting on the stoop outside the gym and a kid on a motorbike comes up to him and goes "I heard you were Apollo Creed's son" and Adonis is like "yeah," and the kid goes "that's what's up" and does a wheelie.

  • Stoker



    Does for belts, sand castles, staircases, pianos, pencils, pencil sharpeners, ice cream, freezers, phone booths, shoes, duck hunts, dinner, garden shears, shovels, metronomes, and showers what Psycho did for showers.