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  • Fast and Furry-Ous

    Fast and Furry-Ous


    Whos that.

    Thats the Road Runner, fastest bird in the world they say. I figure hes at least the fastest in these parts. Hes got a speed so quick you cant really take its measure.

    Whos that mangy feller chasin after him.

    Thats The Coyote. Some people think hes tryin to eat the bird, but Ive always believed hes just chasin him on account of hes runnin. The Runner'll always run, so The Coyote'll always be chasin him.

    Thats a nice thought.

    I dont know if its nice, but its a thought.

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  • Ye Olden Days

    Ye Olden Days


    I love old black and white cartoons but there's something about the Disney animation style that makes it seem like the color has been drained out of the image after the fact. Having said all that the "We're Gonna Have a Duel" sequence in this, with all the characters cheerfully celebrating the fact that there's going to be a duel, is extremely funny.

  • Homicidal




    There's something special about the way Castle reassembles so much of Hitchcock's Psycho iconography -- which he developed partly as a way to compete with Castle's own low-budget shockers -- into something that feels like some kind of warped echo of the earlier film. The cinematic finesse is gone but all the superficial and thematic signifiers (gender transgressions, banal interstate locations, stark black and white cinematography, all those driving shots, KNIVES) are there in some uncanny shadow form. Strangely beautiful.

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  • Creed



    The truest scene in this movie is when Adonis is sitting on the stoop outside the gym and a kid on a motorbike comes up to him and goes "I heard you were Apollo Creed's son" and Adonis is like "yeah," and the kid goes "that's what's up" and does a wheelie.

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    When I was 17 or 18 I was eating lunch at this place called New York Subs (now closed) and I ordered my sandwich and sat down in front of this man (who I later learned was my parents' dentist, incidentally) who was by himself waiting on his food. When the waitress came by to bring him his order, I heard her ask him about the crossword puzzle he was doing. "Yeah, I find it's a lot easier to do…