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  • Hollywood or Bust

    Hollywood or Bust


    "You may give me your dog."

    Not really a fitting Jerry memorial, he didn't direct it, also it's just OK - I think Frank Tashlin was a true genius but this is another one of his that just ... isn't ... quite ... funny ... enough. Also, Dean is a total creep in this, the scene where he all but forces himself on Pat Crowley is legitimately hard to watch, no idea how or why anybody thought that was acceptable (actually, I do).

  • Odd Man Out

    Odd Man Out


    There's nothing like a text prologue professing apolitical concerns to make a film seem anything but apolitical, but in this particular instance it seems sincere - this is above all about sin, its ripple effect and - and this is where the politics do come in - how it can come down from Heaven with unequal force, depending on who and what you are. 0 relevance to the USA in 2017, that's for sure.

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  • Creed



    The truest scene in this movie is when Adonis is sitting on the stoop outside the gym and a kid on a motorbike comes up to him and goes "I heard you were Apollo Creed's son" and Adonis is like "yeah," and the kid goes "that's what's up" and does a wheelie.

  • Stoker



    Does for belts, sand castles, staircases, pianos, pencils, pencil sharpeners, ice cream, freezers, phone booths, shoes, duck hunts, dinner, garden shears, shovels, metronomes, and showers what Psycho did for showers.