A New Leaf ★★★★★

"She's unscrewing my Montrazini!" (incredibly, it appears to my art-ignorant Google-using eyes that "Montrazini" is a made-up name for purposes of this line and this line alone, as good a reason as any to bow down before the majesty of Elaine May)

Like all of the truly great comedies, this is absolutely relentless, pairing the world's most lovable woman with the world's least lovable man and somehow keeping the whole thing from flying off its perfectly calibrated gyroscopic axis. May's fabled 3-hour cut allegedly contains two actual murders, rather than just the lingering threat of one, which would make this (even?) more appropriate Halloween viewing but might have created just such a chaotic explosion - then again, this is May we're talking about, so it probably works perfectly. As is, this is a perfect balance of sugar and arsenic that I should have seen years ago.

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