Desperately Seeking Susan ★★★★★

Boy am I glad those earrings got returned!

This breaks so many storytelling rules, loaded with coincidences and other narrative contrivances up to and including amnesia for God's sake, but shock of shocks it does not matter in the slightest because everything is so nicely observed, full of life, entertaining and (in both the visual and metaphorical sense) colorful. I love the part where Aidan Quinn does that thing where you pretend to be asleep on the chance that the girl you're with will come over and try to wake you up. An incredible array of faces in the margins too: Steven Wright, Laurie Metcalf, future Monkeybone alums John Turturro and Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Hell, Rockets Redglare, and in oversized poster and mural form, martial arts star "Jacky Chan"!

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