Dont Look Back

Dont Look Back ★★★★★

"I don't care who did it, I just want to KNOW who did it."

A mythical picture of Dylan, younger than anyone has ever been, a creature of smartass feminine beauty making it all look easy. Love the flashback to his vein-pounding Guthrie singing days that couldn't have been that long before the main action of the movie, but it could almost be footage of Bob's grandfather. But enough of that shit, I need to talk about something important:

This movie has the exact same ending as The Pink Panther. Clouseau is in the police car going to prison, having been falsely convicted of the crimes of the Phantom, which has earned him throngs of eager fans and an intoxicating celebrity. One of these fans ask him how he managed to pull off his crimes, and he decides to just go with it, responding "well, it wasn't easy." In Don't Look Back, Dylan is in the back of a car with his entourage and they read a newspaper article that calls him an "anarchist." At first, he laughs at the description, but he seems to settle into it in a couple minutes, saying "give the anarchist a cigarette." It wasn't easy.

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