Double Agent 73 ★★

I was a little concerned once the top-heavy narrative got started that it would cause the movie to topple over, but these concerns were nipped in the bud early on. Star Chesty Morgan definitely deserves the credit for this, as she gives a wholehearted performance as a woman entangled in the tit-for-tat world of international espionage, seeking to make the biggest bust of her career against a gang of heroin smugglers. But you can't forget the rest of the film's cast, who give Ms. Morgan all the support she needs.

To its credit, Double Agent 73 boldly refuses to follow any artificial formula, instead swinging pendulously from sexploitation to spy-thriller and back again. But unfortunately, director Doris Wishman doesn't trust the audience to use their melons, feeding them every plot element at least twice so they get the points. And the plot also gets a little repetitive, as Agent 73 has to deal with one hapless boob after another.

But even if you can somehow ignore Double Agent 73's other assets, it definitely has more than its share of charm, and is a real teat for genre fans.

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