Gimme Danger

Gimme Danger ★★★½


Trump won and I have been going through a Golden Corral buffet of negative emotional states: Shock, depression, anger, helplessness, alienation, isolation, and a moderate case of anhedonia. The latter is what prevented me from even trying to watch a movie before last night, and as in the past it was Iggy Pop who I could imagine getting some pleasure out of even as the rest of my/the world seemed to be falling apart. This, alas, was not quite the cathartic noise bomb that I was hoping for, but it does have a lot of parallels with the national mood as I see it - Iggy and the Dum-Dum Boys are in some ways their own walking Trump campaigns, loud and stupid and destructive but with a basic core of nonconformity and independent thought instead of hate and fear. God knows I'm not in the mood to idealize or overstate the importance of art against oppression right now, but sometimes you just need to hear someone say "life is not a business" so you don't feel like you've completely lost your mind.

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