Heat ★★★★★

"Xander Berkeley. Bud Cort. Heat." - promotional materials for Heat, 1995.

This is Mann's Sergio Leone epic, archetypal Cops, Robbers, and Killers all duking it out with each other and laying waste to their loved ones in the harsh LA desert. This was always my favorite Mann movie, but after working through half a dozen of his movies over the last month and change I felt my enthusiasm for watching it going down, as the movie in my memory seemed like a polar opposite to the pared down diamond bullets of Miami Vice or Manhunter. But actually, the expanded running time, multiple plot threads and dozens of characters is a perfect fit for Mann's style, and he gets the chance to pack in more humor and grace notes than he would ever have before or since.

Al Pacino: Cinema's most compelling walker. Robert De Niro: Cinema's most compelling orderer of coffee.

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