Mystery Train ★★★★★

A few notes:

- My sequencing game today was TIGHT. Three five-star movies, three movies about one long night in a specific place, three movies with an emphasis on music, and two of them have an all-night radio leitmotif (Wolfman Jack in American Graffiti, and Tom Waits in this).

- I don't know if he'd ever admit even to watching a Jarmusch movie, but I see a lot of stuff Tarantino would later use in his movies: The nestled chronological structure, the protracted discussions of pop culture (the scene about Lost In Space could be a Tarantino joint), the obsession with rockabilly, Elvis' ghost, and casting Steve Buscemi.

- On the Criterion Blu-ray, Screamin' Jay Hawkins' red suit and tie are so bright and vivid that his scenes seem to be in 3D.

- I want to visit Memphis. I was supposed to a couple years ago but my traveling companion insisted we double back and go to Nashville again instead.

- The scenes in room 22 are some of the most realistic scenes of drunkenness I've ever seen in a movie.

- "I'm the man who's gonna make you use that gun" is a really stupid thing to say to a guy with a gun.

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