Supernova ★★★★


I'm sure this seemed like the most abject idiotic trash imaginable when it came out almost 20 years ago, but like a lot of genre stuff from that time the intervening years seem to clarify its pleasures, especially given that the genre this occupies -- horny space opera -- is pretty much extinct in our current Disneyfied ecosystem. It's a clear echo of Alien (and was at least partially directed by one of Alien's architects Walter Hill), but it lacks that movie's simple elegance in favor of three nebulously defined outer space threats: a glowing "ninth dimensional" space thingy, some kind of murderous Space Chad, and the titular supernova. The opening sequence includes a short oral dissertation on Tom & Jerry cartoons delivered by Robert Forster's character, and like him I find myself admiring this from an anthropological standpoint!

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