The Master

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I'm in no way prepared to write anything resembling a review of this, but I feel like I should jot down a thought or two for this simple reason: I don't ever remember being shaken by a movie the way I have by this one. Lots of (great) movies over the years have bashed me in the brain (We Need To Talk About Kevin is one from recently) like a sledgehammer, and lots of other great movies have slowly wormed their way into my consciousness through a combination of reflection and repeat viewings (Raging Bull), but The Master, a few hours after it finished, has appeared to do some unprecedented (for me) combination of the two, where I feel completely wrecked by it and I'm not even sure why. The closest parallel I can draw is that sensation of having your mood wrecked by a bad dream even after most of the specifics of the dream have faded from memory. Not an exact parallel, obviously, since I still remember the plot and characters of The Master pretty vividly. But it feels very similar.

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