Vampire in Brooklyn ★★½

"You should get a Oscar for that shit."

Alas, not the lost classic that Beverly Hills Cop III turned out to be, although if you squint this could almost be another Murphy/Landis joint. Instead we have Wes Craven, who brings a characteristic sheen to the visual effects and a lot of snazzy camera moves, but who's just not as adept at incorporating Eddie's vanity into a wacky entertainment as John Landis is (he does get to fit in a nightmare sequence or two and some blood oozing through a keyhole, fun). I think the thing that really kills it is that it takes at least a good 30-40 minutes to realize that Murphy is going full-on villain here, and despite a lot of lip service his malevolence is never particularly convincing - now that I think of it, this is somewhat similar to what happens in Deadly Friend, another Craven tale about a woman falling under a man's sinister control.

MVP is Angela Bassett, who's magnetic in a perversely thankless role that's also the focus of the entire movie, talk about male gaze.

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