Venom ★★★★


Terrific paperback thriller in movie form with Klaus Kinski, Sterling Hayden, Susan George, Nicol Williamson doing an excellent Sean Connery imitation, a poisonous black mamba with a penchant for slithering through curiously spacious air conditioning ducts like co-star Kinski in the film Crawlspace, "and Oliver Reed as Dave." This is staged like an inverted High and Low with a killer snake and a coat of residual 70s ambiance, I've mostly been watching YouTube shorts for Halloween this year and this was great at making that seem like a complete waste of time.

Oh, and speaking of paperback thrillers: this has the exact same ending as The Snake by John Godey. I don't know if the book this was based on got there first or not but Godey's book came out before this did, so make of that what you will.

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