What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? ★★★★½

This is, somehow, farther back in time now than either Blanche Hudson's heyday in the talkies or even Baby Jane's time in the vaudeville spotlight was when it was made, but its picture of Hollywood show business in a sick, slow decay still feels timely - I love the scene where the Hudsons' neighbor comes home to find her daughter watching one of Blanche/Joan Crawford's old movies on TV, telling her something like "I remember your father taking me to see this picture at the Majestic." Movies used to be anchor points in the social and emotional lives of almost everybody in the country, but in the 50s and 60s they got cannibalized by television, and "I remember seeing that at the Majestic" makes way to "I think I saw that old movie on TV one time, or anyway something like it." The really sad part? As Jane's dance on the beach in front of a throng of morbidly curious gawkers proves, entertainment is pretty much entertainment.

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