• King Kong

    King Kong


    I'm pretty tired and this is at best a half-formed thought so ape with me but there is something uniquely respectable about King Kong. Monster movies are a low form and thank God for that (listen up David Gordon Green) but somehow King Kong has a kind of operatic grandeur that makes it feel culturally significant in an almost highbrow way, the only movie about a giant killer gorilla or giant killer anything that you can imagine dressing up to…

  • Anaconda



    Hits a nice sweet spot on my Kong/Jaws Personality-Efficiency Monster Movie Spectrum, but I just cannot abide the fact that there are actually two anacondas in the film. They should have brought back the first one pissed off and missing one eye.

  • Prometheus



    Actually, Frankenstein was the monster.

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    Dudes rock!

  • Little Shop of Horrors

    Little Shop of Horrors


    This is more like it...

  • Annie



    The absolute best foot forward for billionaires and he still comes off as an unsettling, psychotic creep.

  • Michael Jackson's Thriller

    Michael Jackson's Thriller


    And though you fight to stay alright, your body starts to crave a bit / for no mere mortal can resist the problematic favorite.

  • Deer Woman

    Deer Woman


    I'd heard this was one of the better Masters of Horror eps (a low bar, perhaps) and of the few I've seen I think I'd agree, this is a funny and fast-moving cop vs monster yarn with a pretty fascinating autobiographical twist for John Landis -- am I wrong or does Brian Benben even look a little bit like Landis here?

  • The Bat Whispers

    The Bat Whispers


    Watching this at home on YouTube was never going to compete with the experience I had a few years ago seeing it on the big screen, but it's still a treat, and maybe in its own way as influential as Dracula or King Kong. That a movie from 1930 has this many radical camera and editing techniques despite the fact that audiences at the time were content to watch any old trash as long as it had sync sound is testament to its visual ingenuity and flair, even in service of such a goofy, inconsequential story.

  • The Bat

    The Bat

    Not as much visual razzle dazzle as the sound remake a few years later (how could it have?) and gets a bit dry whenever The Bat isn't onscreen (how could it not?).

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Help me be human.

  • A Fly in the Pink

    A Fly in the Pink


    Pink vs a genetically engineered super fly with a penchant for chewing through apples in less than a second. Fun.