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  • Passengers



    We're in Love, 165 000 KM/S!

    Pratt: the Man for your Sci-Fi needs!
    Sometimes a Guardian, sometimes an engineer or a Dino Tamer, but always the Hero and/or Lover that is needed in just the right time.

    Well, of course he can repair a system he knows nothing about and travels around at half Light speed...

    It started so strong, but once wakes Lawrence up it goes down the gutter with a predictable, silly Story by the Books, like you've seen it in every Love Drama ever created, convoluted together in a big hot steamy mess...

  • Berlin Syndrome

    Berlin Syndrome


    The 'A-Girl-looks-at-me-and-automatically-is-a-Whore' Syndrome

    I really wanted to like this Movie more than I did.
    The Setting is my chosen Hometown, Palmer and Riemelt did a fantastic job in their roles, camera and atmosphere was good, but so many logical problems for a movie that sets itself in such a realistic setting and typical tropes of story progression really dampened my enthusiasm.

    Everybody and their mother knows that a cell phone still can send a emergency call out, even if there…

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  • Oldboy



    What a Beast of a Movie!

    From perfect Camera, Sound and incredible Actors and all rapped up in the first Brainsplatter, as I like to call this Movie, I have ever seen.

    I was at the Fantasy Film Fest in 2004 at the screening of this enormous Masterpiece.
    It was a incredible Atmosphere!

    Till half hour before the ending you hear laugther, chuckles and gasping. But when the climax came, there was dead silence long after the credits were gone.…

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    “I'm one with the Force,
    and the Force is with me.”

    If you follow Star Wars at least a bit, then you'll know what the Main-Story-line here is, despite that you avoided as much information as possible.
    If not, well, the Internet got you covered, but not this Review! ;-)

    The Robot of the Day was a Hoot!
    Mads Mikkelsen's second Blockbuster this Year where he's completely wasted.
    The Action was awesome!
    If The Force Awakens was a Remake of…