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  • Roma



    Everything I hoped it would be!

    A sincere and incredible beautiful drama around a small story in a small district of a family and their housemaid.

    So many shots were ready to be printed canvases to fill some museum of Mexican culture and art. Every single award this movie takes home is an honest reward in this specific art form and every single nomination is the least this movie deserves.

    I really don't want to talk about the movie all…

  • Shoplifters



    What is a Family?

    Even if Kore-eda doesn't like the comparison to Yasujirō Ozu, there not much wiggle room here, my dear new master of the family-drama. He seems to have taken the same concept into modern times, with all the modern and always persisting quips and traditions.

    Hauntingly beautiful shot, with an incredible "kawaii" cast and simply natural charming dialogue, this movie sure does give you something to think about, long after the credits are gone.

    My favorite from…

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  • Time Share

    Time Share



    The movie equivalent to the South Park episode Asspen.
    A constant what the hell flashed in my membrane about who, what or where the hell this is happening and where it wants to go from there. And to be honest, I still don't know where it's at here...
    But I'm still intrigued. A solid Netflix-Exclusive!

  • Mirror



    Fragments of Memories fleeting through time

    The greatest movie poet ever, makes a convoluted poetry about his past and what remains from it. I would lie if I said I understood even half, but the visual imagery is out of this world. There's a lot of coping with different stages of his life, fragmented, beautiful and raw like dreams without a narrative, but glimpses of a time long gone.

    I thought that the two mic-drops were pretty strange, but for…

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  • Oldboy



    What a Beast of a Movie!

    From perfect Camera, Sound and incredible Actors and all rapped up in the first Brainsplatter, as I like to call this Movie, I have ever seen.

    I was at the Fantasy Film Fest in 2004 at the screening of this enormous Masterpiece. It was a incredible Atmosphere!

    Till half hour before the ending you hear laugther, chuckles and gasping. But when the climax came, there was dead silence long after the credits were gone.…

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    “I'm one with the Force,
    and the Force is with me.”

    If you follow Star Wars at least a bit, then you'll know what the Main-Story-line here is, despite that you avoided as much information as possible.
    If not, well, the Internet got you covered, but not this Review! ;-)

    The Robot of the Day was a Hoot!
    Mads Mikkelsen's second Blockbuster this Year where he's completely wasted.
    The Action was awesome!
    If The Force Awakens was a Remake of…