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  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    "Isn't life disappointing?"
    "Yes, it is."

    Finally I've seen one of the greatest Movies of all time and it's not exaggerated. It's simply incredible, how this little drama condensed family life into its purest form you can imagine.

    So foreign, yet so familiar.
    So mundane, yet so refreshing.
    So traditional, yet so timeless.

    I didn't know that you can have that many objects and dimensions in a 4:3 frame and still it isn't overbearing or cramped.
    Every single camera setup…

  • Possession



    My Goddess is calling

    I know I'm cheating a little bit here, but here me out.
    If you'd get the Chance to see one of your favorite Horror-Movies on the Big Screen and added it to your Hoop Tober as well, then you surely would have done the same. If it isn't okay, just comment below and I'll change.

    And don't call me Anna.
    Because there's only one Anna, now and forever in my morbidly beating heart. My Demon, my…

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  • Warcraft



    Boring Work, Good Movie Entry #CXLVIII:
    A half-decent Videogame-Adaptation... What?!

    I was surprised how solid this movie was, after seeing the score and hearing only bad things about it. Sure, the CGI isn't much better than the Pre-Rendered FMV from the games itself and I'm not the biggest WarCraft-Fan there is.

    Maybe that's why I enjoyed it more than anticipated, with some interesting choices from the story. Too bad that it flopped badly, as it set everything up for a second one and wouldn't have minded to see where they want to go from here.

  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev


    Painter in creative crisis

    In poetic, almost painted, pictures, incredible set design and a calm and resting camera, Tarkovsky tells the story of a not to well known painter from the 15th Century, where a Poetry Slam still had a real price, and how he had a theoretical crisis. He refused to paint agony in churches and wanted to throw his work altogether away, never to paint again as soon as he witnessed some Pagans enjoying their lives. Until a…

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  • Oldboy



    What a Beast of a Movie!

    From perfect Camera, Sound and incredible Actors and all rapped up in the first Brainsplatter, as I like to call this Movie, I have ever seen.

    I was at the Fantasy Film Fest in 2004 at the screening of this enormous Masterpiece. It was a incredible Atmosphere!

    Till half hour before the ending you hear laugther, chuckles and gasping. But when the climax came, there was dead silence long after the credits were gone.…

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    “I'm one with the Force,
    and the Force is with me.”

    If you follow Star Wars at least a bit, then you'll know what the Main-Story-line here is, despite that you avoided as much information as possible.
    If not, well, the Internet got you covered, but not this Review! ;-)

    The Robot of the Day was a Hoot!
    Mads Mikkelsen's second Blockbuster this Year where he's completely wasted.
    The Action was awesome!
    If The Force Awakens was a Remake of…