2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Happy Birthday, Hal!

After seeing this masterpiece last Year, and read about Lise's Birthday Watch-List, I decided to join in and enjoy this epical cinematic achievement yearly around the spaceship's A.I.'s anniversary.
26 Years young, congratulation!

If you write epic numerical, you can only write 2001.
There's no other way around it.
The music score was the perfect choice.
I'm glad Kubrick didn't go with Alex North's score.
The atonal arrangement doesn't fit too well on the cool and calculated world, that was build here. Not to say, that it's bad, just not sufficient enough for this movie.

I hope that around April 2018 we'll get a 50th Anniversary 4K-Edition with a new master. It just has to happen!
And hopefully WB does a decent job on this Film, because their track record isn't the finest, regarding post processing of old classics...

By the way, I started the Movie on 12th January at 23:58.
Almost forgot what day it was...

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