Aquarius ★★★★

Headline: Stubborn Rich Lady refuses to Bend
and loves MP3-Music!

So, what do you do, when you want progress on your property, but only one old hag refuses to leave, because she has the Money, Longevity and Willpower to stay till death does part her?

Not much, except waiting.
I would be furious as the owner, who made a really good offer.
But determined Clara is really a hard nut to crack!
Nothing can move her away from her point of view and that can pretty exhausting and even dangerous for her to live completely alone in such a district with all the wealth she has.

Nobody really understands her,
but nonetheless it's her Buddha's given right to fight.
This Movie fire on all cylinders, in every direction possible and show's a live of an older woman that has everything, but also nothing really anymore besides her past with the building of course. Only the widow's- and her pension.
Maybe that's where her determination comes from.

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