Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

"Who're you calling Black Wood,
you Rat-Soup Eating Punk?!"

A Testament to one of the most ludicrous Comedian/Actor/Entertainer that has ever graced the black community in america, with outrageous jokes well below the waist line and a gut punch for society in general, while not giving a damn about racial profiling, casting real people from the streets, have some serious moments and mostly a message in his movies as well.

This was the Life of Rudy Ray Moore. A Guy who lived the american dream like few had before him and only a few tried even to fill the enormous gap left behind by Dolemite himself.

I'm very happy that Eddie Murphy played the lead, cause it's always nice to see an actor that has fallen from grace to really show their potential once again to surprise and entertain like they didn't for twenty years.
The movie is quirky, funny as hell and the script is tight as well, coming from the same guys who did Ed Wood, no wonder that you can see some parallels.

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