Halloween ★★★★½

(Don't) Fear the Reaper

My fortieth movie of this year's Hooper is also the fortieth Anniversary of one of the best Slasher Movies of all time, that created so many copycats that Carpenter should be save from the alimonies alone. He sure was one of the greatest in his earlier years and it's so sad to see where he's today. This incredible one cut at the beginning is simply marvelous with (almost) no budget.
Everything has gone into the technical aspects and it shows.
The steady-cam handled by Dean Cundey is simply incredible.
The 4K-Disc is worth every Cent!

Hooper 5.0 #XL
6 countries (USA)(9/6)☑
6 decades (1978)(8/6)☑
10 'Anniversary Films'(40th, 11/10)☑
Total Movie Challenge (40/47)☐

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