Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

The constant Struggle

Isn't it infuriating that this story is still relevant today? Why can't it be a story of a past long gone and the whole country would've learned something by those horrible times, when middle class white Hippies dropped Acid and Black People took their rifle and rights into their own hands against the State, that constantly fights against them? About the inequality that hits each and every single American under a certain threshold. Be it white, black, brown or yellow. Everyone gets discriminated by the wealthy and are seen as the welfare community that has no rights whatsoever. If you can't feed yourself because the economy simply has no work for you, what should you do? According to the rich and powerful, it's best if you'd die right off or go to jail to work your labor as a slave. Empathy is weakness at the home of the brave.

The most important thing for the American Capitalism is to keep the little man down and keep them split in single groups that have no real power as their own individual movement. Fred Hampton understood this well and tried to get them together. The poor, the oppressed, the ones in need of a helping hand and the ones really angry for being put down time and time again.

That's why you have to beat capitalism with socialism. Understanding for your fellow comrades who struggles just the same and just want the same right, as every other human being in the same Country.

A world-class movie from Shaka King with a thematic that is sadly more actual than ever. A steady camera with beautiful lighting is smooth and slick, like an undercover FBI-Agent trying to blend into the underground and while doing so, really struggles with himself.

Who is the leader of the struggle today? Is there anyone remotely as grand as Malcolm X, MLK or Fred Hampton working today for the change? Inside the government the states has AOC at least.

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