Love Exposure

Love Exposure

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TV-Look for Salvation

Sion Sono's magnum opus about Catholics and their demise into oblivion and insanity is simply a masterpiece.
Koike is THE Villain! Seriously evil. In every sense of the word.
Yoko is the damsel in distress. Although distress is only psychological.
And Yu, our hero. The panty-shot-pro-pervert searching for redemption, salvation and acceptance from his father and his "virgin Mary". And every single one is a victim of his circumstances.

How this movie descends into madness further along the way. When the movie title is shown after a normal movie would've been over, that's when it shift to the next gear and sprints along its running time, like a breeze in a warm summer night.
Refreshing and a well welcome shift.
Bad shit insanity as we come to know and love the new Miike!

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