Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Get with the Times, Dude!

I really hoped that Queen Tarantulino (Rank 44▼) would have some respect for anybody but himself.

But after seeing his penultimate Flick that is overfilled with self indulgence and pretentiousness, I lost all hope for him. The biggest problem in his career was the Jackie Brown-"Flop", where he showed restraint for the first time and it went so well. Film-wise, but not gangbusters at the Box-Office. A statement we gave him, that we only want the Ultra-Violence from him and so he never had to grow after Pulp Fiction, which he presents marvelously here, again.

The last twenty minutes are an insult in everything he did until this point, in this two hour foot-fetish-Flick that really had an impressive Set-Design and the camera was nice. What a load of Horseshit he did then. Where it totally worked in Inglorious Basterds, here it's totally out of place as the evil Hippie-Murderers from today are few and far in-between, while Racism prevails hard and has every right to be ridiculed. There's no reason to make a fairy-tale out of one of the most gruesome murders in Hollywood ever and trying to demystify something that is long gone and will never come back. Either tell the story as is, or go somewhere else with your Stories and build imagined Characters for each role. Hollywood in '69 was more than just Cielo Drive...

He made a flashback in time, and distorted the whole historical background, where he simply doesn't have the right to do so , in my opinion. but he can shock and he can be the talk of the town, so everything is good in his World, full of misogyny and crass splatter effects where normally you should be grossed out. But no, here we cherish it and applaud when somebody's jaw is dismantled on a fire place...

How many of the Millenials know about Sharon Tate and the Manson Family? I'd really like to know how much they know about, what really happened. It happened fifty years ago and I do believe that a lot of people don't know anything about it, if they're not somewhat affiliated with Films. So, wouldn't it been more accurate, to just be, well accurate? Or just jump to a complete different part of the town and leave this whole element out of it.

Sharon Tate and the Mansons are only in here, to break the whole movie in the last act, into a disturbing glorification of Animal-Abuse and Manslaughter in its most gruesome way. The Tarantino-Way. Simply Disgusting.

And what's wrong with him and his Beef with Bruce Lee?
Linda Lee is absolutely right.
Shut up or Apologize!
You never knew the Man, don't make absolute Statements about him.

I'm counting with at least 20 less followers after this review ;-)

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