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This review may contain spoilers.

A Clash of (High) Classes

A Movie so downright contemptuous to each and every single person that appears on the screen, that it could've been my worst day I had with humanity and the picture that will prevail in your front lobe forever, bursting out in a swirl of creativity and madness. Be it the poor people, that sniff the possibilities laid before them and soon try to take everything over, over to the rich people who sniff on the poor and ride over the world, as it is theirs to begin with, condescending towards every person below them, and don't even have the guts to clear the air when something's not right. They just discard and rehire, without ever thinking about anybody but themselves and their well being.

The ridiculously awesome house really begins to shine, as soon as the first stroll through it begins, being so present in every screen that you can almost call it an Actor framing every scene and giving it a voice of its own. A very effective blocking and masterful staging go hand in hand with every single aspect of the script and build a perfectly coordinated complete that is just a marvel to behold. A story that surprises not often, but when it does it is glorious and a typical escalation we've come to know and love from Korea, but it isn't often with such a grace and wit.

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