Scarred Hearts ★★★

Casted Away: The Melancholic Hospital

My first Romanian Movie I've seen and
it wasn't what I expected after watching the Trailer.
That's mostly my fault, building my own anticipation for it.

A surreal, slow-paced and sad tale about a young Philosophe with a very fatal sickness in the '40ies, right before WWII.
The Autobiographical style is told quirky and melancholic, but also lighthearted at times, which I found very impressive and the long takes are shot exceptionally beautiful.
The doctor was awesome, smoking even when he puts our dear main actor in a plaster.
BUT, it was simply to long for me.

Is every Romanian Movie this calm?
That's what I heard from some Cinephile.

Radu Jude himself was there. A very sympathetic Man with a calm quirkiness in himself, or so it seemed.

Second Movie I've seen at the

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