Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

'I'm Alone and my name is Han.'
'Han Solo, welcome to the Republic.'

Did they really had to bridge every single thing from the saga that came before? Did you ever have this Conversation: "Well, Andreas/William/Maxwell is certainly a too long name, no way I'm going to call you that every single time...". And so you established, that further on you're going to nickname him...

A rancor dog was in here as well, and of course the pivotal scene how he got his blaster. I think the worst we got out of GOT is Emilia Clarke (The best is of course Peter Dinklage, I just love those puppy eyes). Some people moan about Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman. but come on, she is the worst.
And speaking of female depiction, the robot was simply sexist and badly written. Not one Robot until this day made any sexual remarks about another character. In fact, I always thought of them as non-gender to begin with, as it should be on a damn spaceship. Gender on a robot doesn't matter for navigating through stars. Hasn't unto this point.

But here we have a Robot who wants to have a relationship and sexual intercourse with some Human, all because it is a female robot?!
Who thought of that? Who thought it would be a good idea, to sexualize "her" and make a discussion out of this hot potato?!

I thought that the War scene at the beginning funny and trashy. Like a Saving Private Rico, and Warwick Davis without his stupid Ewoks costume were the highlights for me. Maybe if you'd cut this movie down to 80 minutes it could be fun, but as is, it's just a bloated mess of a film, picked up by a Director who had to salvage somebody's work, and did a poor job at that. Would have loved to see the other version, that may never exist. Getting Ant-Man flashbacks here...

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