Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

"With great p..."
"Do not even start this sentence!"

Yes, this was as good as imagined, after seeing all the hyperbole surrounding this Animated Spider Story. Of course it's not the best movie of the Century, but charming and very innovative.

Some music and story choices would have been different for me. I really like all the different incarnation very much, although because of the short runtime of almost two hours, not every character had the room he/she needed to really shine. But I really love that Miles Morales finally takes the Stage and seems to (hopefully) stay awhile in the center of the next universe that hopefully is going to sprout from here.

I hope that he is the "antagonist" in the next Venom, besides Carnage. And all in a R-Rated-Splatterfest.
But it's Sony. And every Sony has its day.

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