Saw ★★½

The day I’ve been dreading ever since I started writing reviews has some. My journey through the ‘Saw’ movies for the first time. I’ve seen little bits and pieces of this one and the one where a Doctor is doing brain surgery on Jigsaw but other than those little bits, I’m going through this series completely blind.
I was never a fan of torture movies. I find them disgusting and just too mean spirited. Movies like this, ‘Terrifier’, ‘The Human Centipede’ and ‘Martyrs’ are just not appealing to me. Will I watch them and review them one day? Most likely, but not anytime soon hopefully.

So did I like this movie? Not really. I appreciate the work behind it. I believe this movie was originally a short but then the right person saw it and gave James Wan more money and this beast was born. That’s all cool and good for Wan and Whannell for making something they were clearly passionate about.
I really appreciated the stuff taking place in the bathroom. All of that stuff, I liked but whenever we went to Detective Tapp and his partner, I got extremely bored. Thankfully, it wasn't in this movie much.
Some of the backstory bits were pretty boring to me too. Most of this movie was boring.

I really liked the acting from Lawrence’s family and the acting from him when he was losing it and cutting off his foot. Everything else from Lawrence though was..yikes. The bit where he crawls over to Adam and says he’s gonna be right back was so bad it was funny.

And I gotta say. They say that Jigsaw never kills anyone. He makes traps that make the victims kill themselves… The trap that girl was in, the head trap. If she refused to slice that guy open to get the key and the trap went off, that would’ve been murder. He put the trap on the girls head. And even if he didn’t, it's still murder on his part cuz I’m assuming he made the trap specifically for that purpose.
The trap with the guns pointing at the ground. He set that up. He killed that cop.
If Lawrence bleeds out, that blood is on Jigsaws hands. He set up the trap.

And that whole twist ending where Jigsaw was the guy on the floor was stupid lol. Like, why? Lol.

I really don't have much more to say. This movie was just okay to me. I’d never watch it again. I have a feeling that’s gonna be my thoughts on a majority, if not all, of these movies.

2.5 out of 5

‘Spiral’ better be worth it.

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