Cabaret ★★★★

A musical fever dream mixed with a comforting slice of life story, all with an oppressive undertone that slowly overpowers all other aspects in a bid to mirror tragic real life events. The way the tone evolves throughout the film is simply unrivaled. The film lures the viewer in with its appealing musical numbers set at the Kit Kat Club, with high energy lyrics and choreography combined with an eerie ability to foreshadow the plot. For the majority of the runtime, we follow a group of characters trying to make it in the modern world, all while exploring ideas of love and happiness as they all strive for their goals. However, this being set in 1930’s Berlin, the ideals of the omnipresent facist regime start to slowly take hold of the movie. The party’s influence transforms from a mere background element to one of the defining aspects of the film. The way it is portrayed perfectly encapsulates the growing hateful ideologies of the time and how they spread through Germany, slowly but surely becoming a real threat. While the story going on at center stage is captivating enough, it's this extra layer of depth that truly cements Cabaret as an all time classic.

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