In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

In the Mood for Love is a uniquely intimate experience, one that plays on our emotions and desires in the same ways that the main characters are confronted with them. It puts two star crossed lovers in a compromising position, one where they can’t quite confess or even realize their passions. This setup provides the perfect opportunity for Wong Kar-Wai to truly explore the human condition and what love truly means to us. It exposes how love is essentially incompatible with how our relationships work; how we experience attraction cannot truly be defined by traditional methods. Our love for someone will almost always linger on even after the relationship is over; but in that same vein, our love for someone can also expire even after exchanging vows. It’s an issue with no real solution, and one such issue that drives a wedge between the two. The fact that this hook remains so captivating without trying to rely on being overly sexual is quite admirable, and the heights this film is able to reach with its excellent storytelling, brilliant screenplay, and engrossing cinematography is nothing short of a cinematic accomplishment. 

Criterion Challenge 2021

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