Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

Now that the world had been introduced to Indiana Jones, the only thing left to do to make it a powerhouse franchise was to put our intrepid hero into increasingly more perilous adventures, and that’s exactly what Temple of Doom does so well. The film is such a well balanced yet insane mixture of action, adventure, and borderline horror that it feels like a roller coaster that you never want to get off of. The set design here is especially noteworthy. Now that green screen backgrounds are all the rage, the labyrinthian lair laden with conveyor belts and mine carts stands out as the perfect venue from high speed thrills and fights to the death. It never really slows down either, it just keeps going and building in velocity. As the film goes on, the pressure keeps on mounting, as Indy, Willie, and Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan fight to stay alive in this seemingly inescapable situation. Temple of Doom might honestly be the most fun entry in the franchise…

… but I’m gonna have to take some points off for the racism. Sorry, I just can’t get past it. This honestly would be my favorite Indiana Jones film if not for that.

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