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  • The Awful Dr. Orlof

    The Awful Dr. Orlof


    Sharp, gorgeous black and white photography and stunningly beautiful women.

    Mondo Cinema out....

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    The Beyond is Fulci's masterpiece. His super gory almost incoherent, blood soaked masterpiece.

    The Beyond is the Gone With the Wind of spaghetti horror flicks.
    The manic crazy excitement builds and builds until its like a freight train of what the fuck is happening.

    A woman (Catriona MacColl,House by the Cemetary) inherits an old hotel in Louisiana, and I'll be god damned if the sob was not built over a gateway to Hell. (Shit happens I guess) What unfolds…

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  • Zombi 3

    Zombi 3


    Zombi 3 is one hundred percent blood soaked absurdity. This bat shit crazy bastard is also a blast to watch.

    Kung fu zombies, flying zombie heads, the worst dubbing this side of a kung fu flick, men in white hazmat suits, a plot so incoherent it would boil your brain in the skull just to try to figure it all out.
    I'm not ashamed to admit I love every fucking second of it.
    If you've never seen this get a case of brews and some friends over, put this on and call it a party.

    Mondo Cinema out....

  • Leatherface



    The Texas Chainsaw franchise much like the Howling films, is very disjointed. A decade later sequel, a third film that is basically a remake, an fourth film that is basically a remake, a remake, a prequel to the remake, a sequel to the first film, and now a prequel to the first film.
    Written down it looks crazier than it was in my head.
    Leatherface is way better than it should be. From the directing duo that brought us…