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  • Horror in the High Desert

    Horror in the High Desert


    A very clever, and quite convincing, faux documentary about a YouTuber who goes missing in the Nevada wilderness.
    Can't really say to much about the plot so not to give anything away, but with a title like Horror in the High Desert, you can assume he runs across bad things in the wilderness.
    You could easily convince people that this is the real deal.
    Good stuff considering its made during a pandemic, with a very low budget, and only a handful of actors.
    Well worth a watch.

    Mondo Cinema out....

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death



    "Bruce Lee challenges the underworld in a game of death."

    While an exciting and action packed chop sockey flick, its ultimately a film made in bad taste, exploiting the untimely death of Bruce Lee, even going as far as using footage from the man's actual funeral.

    Lee had began filming what would go on to become Game of Death before shelving the project to film Enter the Dragon.
    After his death roughly eleven minutes of this footage was used,…

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