Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½


Kong: Skull Island...2017
Director...Jordan Vogt-Roberts
"Awaken the king."

Director, Jordan Roberts tries to hard to make Apocalypse Now with King Kong in the Brando role.
However, this isnt Shakespeare in the park, its a giant monster "popcorn" flick, and in that department it delivers.
There is a jungle adventure with the stranded soldiers,  with plenty of giant insects, and other assorted nightmares,  and Kong fights giant monsters.
This thing has a better than average cast for this kind of thing as well, with Tom Huddleston as a mercenary,  a very Captain Ahab like Samuel L Jackson, John C Riley as the comedic relief crazy WW2 vet, Brie Larson is the token damsel in distress for Kong to defend. (Got to have that "woman in the palm of Kongs hand" scene.)
Rounding out the cast, is beloved actor John Goodman as a explorer.

The movie goes for a Hearts of Darkness, Moby Dick vibe, with Sam Jacksons character being somewhat interesting as the protagonist of the film, a man doing wrong due to circumstance, and you can see his viewpoint.
For some reason, there is an insane amount of slow motion in this, Sam Peckenpah would be jealous, the fucking Matrix has less slow motion,  if this movie was played at full speed, it would only be thirty minutes long.

Kong:Skull Island is an enjoyable giant monster movie, with some stunning visuals,
and a little food for thought thrown in.
Its one of what I call a "sons of Kong" movie, a film that exists because its a rip off, or weird sequel to King Kong.
There are many of these films, some of them are, The Mighty Gorga...1969, a film so terrible it defies human logic. From Japan, is 1967s kids movie King Kong Escapes, where Kong battles a robot doppelganger.
In 1961 merry ole England gave us Konga, where mad scientist Michael Gough creates a giant ape with a growth serum.
If you really hate life, check out the 1986 cheese fest King Kong Lives!, a ill advised sequel to the 70s remake, where animal doctor Linda Hamilton gives Kong an artificial heart, then he immediately goes on a rampage.
If you hadn't noticed most "sons of Kong" movies are terrible, making them amazing in a way.

Kong: Skull Island, can be streamed on HBO max, bought or rented on all the online platforms, and purchased on Blu Ray or DVD.

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