Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

Mulholland Drive...2001
Director...David Lynch
"Beware what you dream for....."

A terrifying, and ultimately heart breaking film from David Lynch, Mulholland Drive can at first seem puzzling and somewhat a daunting film.
Like all Lynch's films its a story of the dark underbelly of things, a fake idealized world vs cold hard reality.
Theres a fine, blurry line between the American dream and nightmare, Mulholland drive is a film that is utterly terrifying, not in an immediate sense, but a wake up at 3am thinking about the movie, and it all dawns on you sense.
Most of all its a meditation on the need for balance.
Naomi Watts deserves a great deal of credit for playing two wildly different characters convincingly in the same film.
This makes an excellent companion piece to Twin Peaks, being that in its genesis was originally conceived as a sequel series.
Its certainly one of Lynch's finest hours.

Mulholland drive is currently on the HBO max app, for rent and purchase from most online platforms, and on dvd and blu ray.

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