Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★


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Terminator 2: Judgement Day...1991

I decided to start my action film review list of with one of the biggest action flicks ever. Terminator 2 was a sensation when first released in 1991. It was a cultural zeitgeist, that changed action films forever.

It's a simple story, at the same time being layered and complex.
Two robots are sent back in time. One (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conan..1982) is there to protect John Connor,(Edward Furlong, American History X..1998) the boy who will one day become the man that leads humanity from the brink of extinction to the defeat of the robotic regime that controls post apocalyptic earth. The other robot the T1000, (Robert Patrick, The Faculty..1998) is there to kill Connor.
Linda Hamilton (Dante's Peak..1997) Returns as Sarah Connor, John's mother.

There are several key factors that make T2 one of the biggest films of all time and a step above other action films.
One, is the fact all the main characters have great story arches.
Anold's terminator learns to be human, going from a cold killing machine to someone who respects human life.
On the opposite end Sarah, regains her humanity, after becoming a cold calculated warrior, trying to stop the apocalypse.
John grows from an obnoxious punk kid into the beginnings of the man who saves the human race. The T1000 however, has no arch. It's just a soulless machine. He represents what skynet is trying to do wipe out humanity and individualism.
I feel that the first film, being made at the height of the cold war, sky net represents communism. (A collective where humanity and individualism are discouraged. ) To boil it all down the main theme of the movie is humanity, and how precious and fragile it is.
The second factor is those fantastic action set pieces, that were light years ahead of most other movies of the time.
From semi trucks chasing motorcycles in a water way, to the battle at Cyberdyne systems, to helicopter crashes, T2 is packed to the rafters with over the top action. (As any good action film should.)

If you've never seen this, what planet did you arrive from and what's going on there?
T2 is one of the best and most satisfying action movies ever, a true classic.

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