The House of the Devil ★★★★

A brooding, somber, atmospheric, slow burn of a horror film, Ti Wests House Of The Devil, is an homage to the satanic films of the '70s and '80s.
Where in the past decade there has been a trend of "throw back" "homage" films to these two greatest decades for horror, almost all pale in comparison to House Of The Devil.
Ti west understands these films were more than synth scores and random kids on bikes, it was a mood, a certain way of filming, and an aesthetic. These were movies that played to the anxiety and fear of the times.
Ti West presents a slow burn that takes the time to build up mood and atmosphere to the point where a simple bump in the night or a creak in the floor is tantamount to a jump scare.
The tension filled fear laced build up pays off in a torrent of blood,violence and sheer horror in the last act.
If you have been looking for a slow burn atmospheric horror film with a worthy payoff in the end, look no further than House Of The Devil.

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