The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★½

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is better than the first movie, let the hate begin. The first one is good but Chainsaw 2 is a Mondo Cinema movie through and through. It has the epic super gory make up effects of Tom Savini, heads split in half, chests ripped open, faces cut off its all here. The film looks beautiful with its hues of green red and blue, it's lit more like an Argento film than the standard American Horror flick.
You have not one but three stand out performances, First there is Dennis Hopper as "Lefty" an insane former Texas ranger who seeks to destroy the cannibal family for the events of the first film. He is just as insane as the people he hunts, he uses an innocent person as human bait, and is fully willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to achieve his goal of revenge. Jim Siedow plays "The Cook" the eldest brother of the cannibal family and its defacto leader. It was a joy to watch this man act out this role, you could tell he had a blast during filming and it really brings a extra something to the movie. Last you have horror cult icon Bill Moseley as "Chop Top" Moseley almost steals the whole show with his manic high intensity performance, plus he is a insane cannibal Vietnam vet. Mondo Cinema just loves insane Nam vets in movies. You also have Lou Perryman as lovable red neck LG. He seems like the type of guy this reviewer would like to have a beer with, who the fuck am I kidding, I'm a functioning alcoholic I would have a beer with pretty much anyone. Also we can not forget Caroline Williams as "Stretch" who is smoking hot in this movie and can handle her shit like a pro. Most horror flicks do not have a cast like this, Chainsaw 2 is a rare jewel of a film, that deserves more appreciation than it gets. So until I sober up enough to make it to the dvd player to put in another Hoop-tober movie cheers from Mondo Cinema.

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