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  • Spacey



    from his first short ito established himself as a premier experimenter, the movies are less experimental and more experiments. ito investigates the elusive distinction between a cut and a frame rate and we realize that any investigation of space, structure, movement, direction require a sequence of cuts. the given must be split again and again by these breaks to begin navigating at all. in this way, the basketball court is the perfect location for this first investigation: when we play…

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    for its rapturous moments the movie is ultimately a vehicle for the most regressive politics, it only works because she is a princess and not a peasant. disney seems to operate, as is often the case, just like their villain, maleficent: sleeping beauty is an enchanting lullaby and disney has cast cinema and a century of audiences under their spell. trapping us in a catatonic state, not without beauty but without agency. and it will remain thus until the true…

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  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise


    la chinoise is a movie for communists. you think i’m showing off because i’m being read, but i’m sincere this is not just for letterboxd. when you’re in the theatre, in 2019, between screen and projector, watching la chinoise, it is immediately clear for whom the world is decided and for whom the world is undecided. for whom the world is permanently capitalist and for whom any real idea of justice exists.

    in the haitian revolution, black and white were…

  • Weekend


    weekend is a fistfight in a hall of mirrors, godards throwing punches at reflections and refuses to admit that’s what they are. it is presented as a scathing critique of the bourgeoisie but that critique has no value for real militants, it does not open the eyes of people who are working on garbage trucks, fast food tills or garment factories and it certainly doesn’t undress, embarrass or genuinely convert the supremely comfortable. it is a movie filled with a…