log 1 ★★★★★

badiou said justice is the blurring of place, galmard shows it to us.

infinites of resistance to division (tellingly autocorrect wants to change infinites to infinite’s because the given dictionary is still pre-cantor) thinks the concrete difference between love and justice: place is blurred in frames that investigate the question of politics, not so for frames of love.

bidart once said the love i have known is not two looking at each other but two looking in the same direction. galmard takes it a step further here: in the frame of one lover video chatting with another lover, they are facing the same direction, they each face a screen. they face timing. 

physics says space and time are not two separate entities but in fact make up the space-time continuum, which is faced or is given face by love. love curves space time into a smile, eternally returning.