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  • The Love Letter

    The Love Letter


    Cheesy. Rough-around-the-edges. Dated. 'The Love Letter' is an unmistakably flawed film, but at it's core lies a sweet time travel love story, centered around a lovable performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh.... there's just something oddly charming about a TV movie made in the 90's. With a nostalgically predictable score that whisks you away to a time of sitting cross-legged in front of a overly sized CRT TV. 'The Love Letter' captures all the good and all the bad of a 90's movie.

  • Prince and the Revolution: The Makings Of Rain

    Prince and the Revolution: The Makings Of Rain


    A classic once-in-a-lifetime concert. A must watch for all Prince fans.

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  • The Frighteners

    The Frighteners


    A ridiculously frustrating film filled with idiotic characters. If only one of the characters had brain maybe ‘The Frighteners’ would be a much more enjoyable film, instead we are left a bunch of strange, obnoxious, and clichéd characters bumbling their way through a supernatural murder mystery. If you have 2 Hours to waste (technically the run-time is 1hr 50 Minutes, but you can use the extra 10 minutes to pause and laugh at the utter ridiculousness of the ‘The Frighteners’) then this is the movie for you.

  • The Unknown Girl

    The Unknown Girl


    'The Unknown Girl' is a surprisingly well crafted film that dosen't overstay it's welcome. The story is told in such a simplified fashion that keeps that audience satisfied, without lingering too long in one scene. Centered around a well written, and likeable lead 'The Unknown Girl' won't blow your socks off, but you won't regret watching it either.