A Close Shave

A Close Shave ★★★★

This third Wallace and Gromit sees a step up in scale. Ann Reid joins Peter Sallis as a second member of the voice cast, playing Wendolyn, and much of the action takes place outside the small set of the Wallace household.

This short film sees Wallace and Gromit caught up in sheep rustling operation when a young sheep they call Shaun accidentally ends up in their house. It leads to an epic chase to stop the perpetrator.
What works really well here is when it is inspired by other properties. There's a brief scene which is like a suburban Thunderbirds, a motorbike chase scene like an even sillier Indiana Jones and a hint of The Terminator. It never borrows too closely but gives a similar sort of vibe only with a more ridiculous spin.

It's even funnier than the previous efforts, partly due to the fun story but also for the details. Gromit manages to be such a likeable and funny character despite the fact he is mute, a real achievement for the studio. Shaun and his fellow sheep are similarly fun, including in a great sequence with a human (well sheep I guess) pyramid.

It's perhaps a less accomplished plot than The Wrong Trousers but the animation is smarter and more ambitious and it's even funnier. You can't fail to have a good time watching this, another Aardman triumph.