Parasite ★★★★½

My favorite film of 2019 (for now)

Immediate Rating: 9/10
Rating after 24/48 hours: 9/10

+the heist movie part
+the social commentary part
+the batshit crazy part
+the laugh out loud comedy part
+the lowkey heartbreaking part

Way Too Early Oscar Thoughts: Very conflicted here... my gut says that this is going to be a breakout hit (for a foreign language film) and that it can get a director, picture, and screenplay nom in February... OR it’ll just dominate best international film and we can give all the nominations to The Goldfinch

Notes to Myself to Remember:
-so so so many great moments it’s hard to even start a list to make sure I don’t forget
-I smiled ear to ear except for maybe 5 minutes of transition between acts but I think that transition downtime goes away with a second watch
-love how no time is wasted out the gate - within 7 minutes I was fully on board with the story and characters
-it’s time to join the Bonghive and watch the rest of his filmography

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